Team Squash

Hunts County Squash Club has 4 mens teams and 2 ladies teams competing in the Cambridgeshire squash leagues.

Team matches are played between various clubs in Cambridgeshire.  During a team match two clubs come together (either home or away) bringing 5 players each.  Season's between October and April with a month break around Christmas in between.  Home and away matches alternate between the two halves.  For scores, fixtures and rankings please check this page.

Hunts County Squash Club Teams

Mens 1st Team

Captain: Steve Mason

Division: Division 1

Main squad: Colin Griggs, Steve Mason, Matt Beaton, Jason Monk, Rob Dadds, Mike Bull, John Williams


Ladies 1st Team


Division: Division 1

Main squad


Mens 2nd Team

Captain:  Jason Monk

Division: Division 2

Main squad:  Andy Reynolds, Jason Monk, John Ford, Pat Cooney, Matt Ainley, Simon Joyce, Jake Joyce

Reserves: Ladies and Juniors as and when

Ladies 2nd Team

Captain: Carol Hargreaves

Division: Division 1

Main squad


Mens 3rd Team

Captain: Nick Armitage

Division: Division 2

Main squad: Marco Pita, Sean Brodrick, Paul Goodwin, Chris Mansell, Ian Bannister

Reserves: Ladies and Juniors as and when


Mens 4th Team

Captain: Bill Bremner

Division: Division 3

Main squad: Andy Budd, Matt Van De Bos, Rick Watson, Ian Gabriel, Bill Bremner, Edwin Lewis

Reserves: Steve Daniels, Dave Moreau, Andy Fuller