What is Racketball?

Racketball is the UK's fastest growing sport

Played on a squash court with very similar rules the main difference between the sports comes from the ball being bigger and much more bouncy.  This makes it a lot harder to win a rally making racketball easy to learn but difficult to master.

Racketball already has massive participation levels at other squash clubs around the UK.  HSCS is embracing this flourishing sport and aiming to provide opportunities for both its current members and those potential members in and around Cambridgeshire.   Racketball is easy to pick up and is a great introduction to racket sports in general.  Suitable in particular for young children and ladies as well as older squash players that may be suffering with the rigours of a life on the squash court!  Racketball is great fun for every body, a great way to meet new people and of course get fit and active.  Racketball provides a similar level of intensity to tennis, however the bouncy ball means longer rallies and equally important, no endless ball collecting!  The fact Racketball is played on a squash court also means no chance of rain stopping play, so what are you waiting for? Add to this HCSC other world class facilities and you have the perfect way to get fit, have fun and meet new friends.


For all Racketball Tournaments events click on www.uk-racketball.com


Useful Links


This website contains all things racketball including coaching, competitions and results.

Useful information about racketball tournaments and events.

How to Play

The simplified rules of racketball (these are simplified rules specifically for beginners.)

For more info please contact James Powley at www.fitnessolutions.co.uk