Covid-19 Club Information



Hunts County Squash Club are opening again on 12/04/21. This page gives you a list of everything you should need to know, however I recommend that you also read the guidance provided by England Squash at


At the Club:
All galleries are closed, including the shop and office area.
There are no shower facilities, however you can use the changing rooms after your game to get changed. Only 2 people in the changing rooms at any time.
The water coolers are not available.
A one-way system is in place. Entering as normal, and leaving via the emergency exit behind Court 1.
There are loads of information sheets dotted around. Please read them.


Court times are staggered with 40 minutes play and a 20 minute buffer.
When booking, you’ll be asked to read and confirm a Covid-19 disclaimer.
If you know your opponent at the time of booking, please add them. If you don’t know, please add them before you play.


If you feel unwell, don’t take the risk. I’ll be more than happy to refund your booking.
Every person entering should use their fob, even if the door is open.
No non-players on site unless accompanying playing juniors. It is the responsibility of any junior players parent/guardian to ensure these guidelines are followed.
Arrive as close to your match time as possible. In your kit. As always, please don’t wear your squash shoes outside - these are the only thing you should need to change before playing.
Bring your own Racket and eye-protection if you use it.
Bring a new or disinfected ball with you.
Bring your own towel and a full water bottle.
A personal first aid kit is also recommended but not mandatory.
Use the hand cleaners provided.
Take your valuables on court. Your bag can go on court or be left out of the way in the corridor.


The current three playing options available, as follows:
- Solo.
- Family and “support bubble” members - but still only two players on court.
- Coach Lead Activity. This includes both normal coaching and coach-lead 121 play which is subsidised by both the Club and SA at £10 per sesison. Please speak to Colin and team for further details.
Do not wipe your hand on the walls. Take your towel on court if needed.
Minimise (Avoid if possible) two people touching the same ball.


After your game:
You are expected to use the disinfectant provided to clean anything you’ve touched, especially door handles. If you can’t do this - don’t play.
Do not use disinfectant on white walls!!
If you aim on using the ball again, use the disinfectant provided to clean it.
Leave the club (via the door behind court 1) as soon as possible.
The bar is OPEN, but only outdoor, so bring a coat.


...and finally
All of the above is based on trust. We have made the decision that full-time staffing of the site is not appropriate as the guidelines are clear and we are all responsible adults. If, however, I’m forced to suspend members or close the club if things aren’t going to plan, then I will do so.


Sean Brodrick

Club Chairman